Copyright Simon R Leach | PlusID | 01-AA-757I started in photography professionally at 16, having first picked up a camera at the age of 7.

Blah, blah, blah.

Some years later after a couple of significant personal events in life I realised that inspiration was more than just some vague idea to refer to. Western light, beaches, the sea, being on a cliff top, is more important to my creativity than any thing else.

So throwing caution into a rather strong of shore breeze we up’d sticks and can now head North, South or West and hit stunning coast lines in less than an hour. Add to that I can stand on top of a mountain in clear air within half an hour and the light that so inspires me is within easy reach.

If you are inspired as well get in touch we can arrange a coffee tomorrow, in London, Manchester, Cardiff or wherever suits you. If you don’t believe the light is that good… then follow my Instagram feed!

Still don’t believe me, why not come see it for yourself! Seriously, buy that book you have always wanted to read and jump on a train. You can stay for a couple of days, we will show you around, list it as research and get work to pay your travel expenses. Heck bring your partner and have a long weekend. You will not be charged, but a bottle of red wine tastes great on the deck.