Our Service

If you are used to organising your marketing and the production of you visual assets, then you are perhaps used to arranging many of the things you need for a photography shoot.  If you are new to this then DON’T PANIC…… We are here to help you through and can take on as much or as little of the organising (production) as is necessary. Either way we will want to be sure, everything is in place for us to be able to complete our task, before we start actually taking the photographs.

If you just want us to walk you through it, let’s sit down and talk over a coffee.

Otherwise here are a few things you might like to consider and a few that we always do. Planning is the key to a successful shoot and making sure you are prepared correctly is time well invested in getting the right results. Think about what photographs you need and what they are going to be used for, these things do make a difference. To how we approach the shoot, but also to what equipment we will supply. If you have an idea of how or where you want photographs, that is something we will need to know, but if you do not at this stage it is not a problem.  We can work with you to ‘create’ a brief as part of our service.

At each stage we confirm everything back to you by email so you have a record of what we think we have agreed and you are able to correct us if we have misunderstood.

We will estimate any costs and fees clearly, before you incur any costs, and are happy to work through any questions you have. If you have a budget in mind, even better! It is not that we are trying to get the not money out of you, there are so many variables in photography if we know you have a limit to start with, we can be sure to stay within your means and expectations.

When you are happy with the brief and the cost estimates for photography, we will work with you again to schedule in the appropriate work. If the project is time sensitive we will have been speaking about this already, from an early stage.

After the shoot we will provide post-production, as agreed in the brief. We will supply your finished photographs, again in the form and size(s) agreed, with those will arrive copies of any additional release forms needed (model, property, design, etc) and your legal agreement to use the photographs, exclusively. Of course our final invoice will be submitted for payment within our terms of business (which are here)

For your further peace of mind, our equipment is insured and PAT tested.  And whilst our standards and experience should mean there is no need for it, we are covered by Public and Employers Liability insurance, just in case, and will be happy to supply you with evidence where required. Additional insurances will be advised and agreed before we shoot, in the unlikely event that we feel you are not covered by what is already in place.

Let us work out if, what you are asking us for, is actually what you want? It is all part of the service we provide.